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MARCH 27th, 2020


It's been a long road but I'm happy to announce BOB has found distribution on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.  You can see the finished film NOW and on behalf of the entire cast and crew, this is a dream come true!  Enjoy the film everyone and stay safe during these trying times.


John Gross (Director, BOB)

MAY 06, 2017




What a difference a couple of months makes! Locking picture is a huge and important part of the process, but from there things get very… technical.  Some of the challenges ranged from the fact that we had different formats and aspect ratios for different shots, some of them involving visual-effects. Our color-correction artist, MATT MILOSINSK, was a fantastic resource in solving some of our toughest challenges.


Speaking of MATT, his color-correction has added such an amazing tone to the already amazing images. I wanted the present-day scenes to be lush with color and have a modern look while the flashes to BOB’s time were worn and faded. A lot of this was done with our choices in production design, but MATT’s touches really gave both worlds life.


For the audio side of the film, MICHAEL K. ANDERSON has composed a score that really sets the mood of BOB. Haunting at times, the score takes us through these worlds with a light touch. Like the film, the score plays upon tropes from the horror genre in a way that we hope will build up audience expectations of what will happen next—then rip those expectations out from under them in a (hopefully) humorous way.


There are still a few more touches left and we are working to secure the rights for an ending song that I think encapsulates the themes and values of the film. I can’t say much more than that for now, but I hope there’ll be more news in a future update.


On a personal note, last month my father passed away in his sleep. It was shocking and sudden… I had just spoken to him on the phone the day before. Grief can be ugly and discouraging. You question life’s priorities and question whether you can carry on. I was fortunate enough to be able to show him a very rough cut of the film during my visit with him over Christmas. His reaction was, “It needs some polishing, but it looks pretty good.”


Last night was my 40th Birthday party. I screened the working cut of BOB for my friends and the members of my family that could attend.  While it was sad not to have my Dad there in person, I had a seat saved for him nonetheless. I hope he still thought it was good.


It’s time to get back to work. Jason and I are diligently shepherding BOB to the finish line and I hope to have some big news on FILM FESTIVAL SHOWINGS very soon!

MARCH 04, 2017




While technically this is a post-production blog, we wanted to give an update on the whole process. JASON SHEPARD, who carried many titles on this movie, did a wonderful job on the production blogs while we were filming. He not only designed this website, but he also designed and maintains our BOB THE SHORT FILM FACEBOOK PAGE. While he was working on this site, I was in the editing room!  


The last four months has taken a lot of work on the part of many people to get the final edit of BOB right. I’m proud to say that last night our great editor STEVE SVENDSEN and I completed the final tweaks to our offline cut! A lot of thanks goes out to our Assistant Editor, CRAIG ORSLAND and our Visual Effects wizard, JOE BARRY.


While this is a major accomplishment, the journey is not quite finished. The story, selection of shots and the overall style of the film is now in place but there are many other elements that we will now work on to get BOB ready for an audience!  


We currently have a temporary soundtrack pulled from a variety of composers throughout history. These will soon be replaced with an original score from our great composer, MICHAEL K. ANDERSON. We are also happy to welcome MATT MILOSINSKI to the BOB team. He’ll be doing the color-correction for our final screener.


You might be asking why it takes so long to edit a short film? I ask myself the same question some days. While BOB is a passion project for us, it is also a low-budget Independent movie. Steve and I have full time jobs producing and editing a wide variety of other projects in order to make a living. We worked many hours on nights and weekends to make BOB the best film it could be. Without a lot of money to throw at it, quality work takes time.


The most enjoyable part of the process for me was going through the wealth of great performances that each of our actors provided. Often my editor and I were able to make creative choices from multiple great takes. It was fun to be able to decide the nuances of the movie based on such great performances. At no point did we have to shrug and say, “Well, this is the only take that we have.”


We’re almost a year into the making of BOB. In order to stay as excited and passionate about a movie for this period of time, you have to love it. Many weeks when progress was slow, I had to remind myself how much I loved this movie.  After seeing it in its (almost) final form last night, it was all worth it. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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