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OCTOBER 30th, 2016



Oh my gosh, I never thought I would hear those words!  It's been such a long road to get to this point and all JOHN and I can do is smile to from ear to ear!  This was a dream come true that we both shared and to have it come to life in front of our eyes, IT'S BONKERS!  We are on CLOUD 9 EUPHORIA and it's one of the best feelings in the world!  

This all started in February of this year when I decided to kick-start a rough draft of BOB while I was working a housesitting job.  I have been talking for a long time about writing something, having been frustrated with the audition circuit for the past few years. Only I knew what kind of charater I could excel at and want to bring to life.  That character was PAUL WILLIAMS, my character I wrote for myself in BOB. My husband and I worked together on other drafts and when we got it right, we reached out to the actors we wanted.


I owe a tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude towards ORSON CHAPLIN, who gave me great notes on a previous draft and made me work to get him in this movie!  Having been friends with ORSON for 6 years now, I knew I couldn't have made this movie without him.  He cast me in his short IT'S HARDER THAN I THOUGHT years ago and it was such a full circle moment for me to have him in this film.  His character, RICK, is one of my favorites in the script!  Stay tuned to see why...

After getting RICK, it was off to try to get an actor that John and I have never met before.  We were both fans of RONNIE KROELL and enjoyed his previous films EATING OUT: DRAMA CAMP, INTO THE LION'S DEN and SCROOGE and MARLEY.  I knew of RONNIE from his reality competition show BRAVO'S MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL and he immediately was an inspiration to me after seeing the show.  RONNIE was passionate about being a model and worked really hard in order to make it to the final two.  He should of won but that's reality TV right? Anyway, I kept my eye on him and thought it would be cool to work with him one day.

That day turned into 4, with some rehearsals and trip to El Matador State Beach in Malibu for a photo shoot!  Dream big and it can happen, don't think anything is not possible.  We were so honored to get him!  When we sent the script to RONNIE's agent, JOHN and I were on pins and needles wondering what he would think?  We were aware if he didn't like it or wasn't available, it would be the end of our RONNIE dreams.  But, still counting our blessings, RONNIE enjoyed the script and signed on!!  And the rest they say is history...

Now getting our actor to play our title character of BOB -- we were lucky to have a friend JOHN has worked with who knew a well-established actor.  JOHN works with WALLACE LANGHAM's wife MELISSA LANGHAM, who showed her husband the script after she read and enjoyed it. WALLACE also liked the script and immediately signed on! Having an actor of WALLACE's pedigree, with credits that include CSI and THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, was such a gift.  He brought the character more to life than I could ever imagined and I'm eternally grateful to him for taking the role. He brought BOB to life and made us feel so special having him on our set.  A class act and true gentleman, I can't wait for everyone to see his performance as BOB in our film!

Our last shooting day consisted of getting some insert-shots that we missed along the way and the final bedroom scene between RONNIE and I.  We had such a great time shooting that final scene and ALL THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTOS FROM THE DAY CAN BE FOUND ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE!

Shout outs to Andres, Sierra and Aaron for making the day go so smooth, thank you!!  And to my amazing husband and director JOHN GROSS, the leader of this creative pack.  He is born to be a director ladies and gentlemen!  I can say that with confidence after being directed by him for the 1st time in our film.  He's sooooo good at it!  I can't wait to share our post-production updates in the blog section soon! Until then, it's time to put our apartment back together.  Much love and thanks again for taking the time to read this adventure on here, see you in the movies!! xoxo JASON


OCTOBER 18th, 2016



We packed a major punch on DAY 4!  The day started off with RONNIE and I finishing up some coverage on the bedroom scene, then it was off to working with SARAH ELBERT!  SARAH gets a gold medal of honor for how hard she worked today! SARAH shot out all of her scenes with RONNIE and I and then she finished filming her scenes with the great WALLACE LANGHAM.  She also had her producer hat on too -- what a POWERHOUSE, YOU GO GIRL!  The fun part of the day was having the majority of the cast there (except for ORSON who shot out on DAY 1).  We miss you ORSON, I can't wait for everybody to see his performance in the film!  

Anyway, back to DAY 4 -- lots of scenes to film!  That was the mission at hand and JOHN, ANDRES and the entire crew did a fantastic day job getting us all through those scenes.  We had so much fun, we filmed with a fog machine later in the day in order to achieve the "GHOST/DREAM WORLD" sequences that are present in the film. Having extra hands on set today, including Austin Bosely who I've worked with before on a casting job, was such a blessing!  Everyone worked so hard to make sure we got the job done right and to have fun along the way.  Because if you're not having fun, what's the point of it all right?

Be sure to check out the FACEBOOK PAGE WITH THE DAY 4 CANDIDS AND FUN BEHIND-THE-SCENE STUFF!  Wow, so hard to top DAY 4, we are resetting again to prepare for our last shooting day on October 30th.  We have to get our apartment a bit more in order to film our last scene.  It will be bittersweet to film it but BABY, we've come a long way!! This all wouldn't of been possible with everyone's hard work, patience and amazing talents!!  Thank you, thank you, much love to everyone involved and interested in BOB, means the world to us!! :) xoxo JASON

OCTOBER 17th, 2016



Hey guys!  I'm so happy to report on DAY 3 of BOB!  We were all excited to welcome SARAH ELBERT as LIN to her first day of shooting.  SARAH filmed her scene first-up in the day while RONNIE and I rehearsed for our upcoming scenes.  

We shot the bedroom scenes after SARAH was finished, which included our mini-love scene!  All I can say is thank you to the crew for making a scene like that so comfortable to shoot.  RONNIE and I had fun with it and I think you guys will get a kick out of it when you see it!  Some of the stills from the monitor and candids can be FOUND ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE!  

We got a lot of great footage on DAY 3 and it gets me even more excited for DAY 4, when we welcome back SARAH and WALLACE LANGHAM to shoot some of the key scenes of the film.  At the end of DAY 3, RONNIE had the great idea of getting a group shot of the cast and crew and the photo can be seen to your right! Seeing everybody get along and become new friends has been a joy to witness on this production.  Everyone is working so hard, having fun and it's music to JOHN and I's ears.  A film is truly a group collaboration and we got a fantastic group here, very blessed!  Xoxo JASON

OCTOBER 16th, 2016



WOW!  We just got through DAY 2 of BOB the short film and it felt like we were making a whole different movie!  I know I promised in the last blog that my husband JOHN GROSS (our amazing director!) would be writing one but we have been INSANELY busy in order to get our apartment ready for the shoot days.  We painted the entire apartment in a rainbow of colors that LOOK SO COOL ON SCREEN!  Can't wait for everybody to see, JOHN and I put in a lot of man hours to paint our apartment but it was very worth it.  

Welcoming RONNIE KROELL to his first day of shooting on BOB was a highlight for me!  It was such a dream come true seeing him bring BRADY to life.  I've been a fan of RONNIE's for years and being able to finally work with him on a film I felt like I hit the LOTTERY!  We filmed some of the early scenes of the film on DAY 2 and I began to feel my character PAUL come more to life!  Acting against RONNIE felt great, it's like we had known each other for years!  He is an excellent actor to work with and I enjoyed every second of it.

I always felt the part of BRADY belonged to RONNIE KROELL and seeing him make the character choices he did with the part BLEW ME AWAY!  Getting to know him personally also helped too and he's just a great guy!  There are alot of candids from DAY 2 ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE! John and the whole crew did an amazing job on DAY 2 and can't wait to see what lies ahead for us on DAY 3! Much love, will be reporting about it all very soon!  xoxo JASON

OCTOBER 3rd, 2016



Hey guys!  Just wanted to check in and let you know we had an amazing first day of filming yesterday!  Wallace Langham and Orson Chaplin set the bar yesterday with some amazing high caliber acting!  It gets me excited to start shooting my scenes with Ronnie Kroell and Sarah Elbert on October 15th when we resume production. It's been a long road of getting things prepped for yesterday's shoot.  We set decorated our living room to look like Bob's Apartment and I think we did an amazing job!  It was a lot of long days to get things ready but I was literally blown away with what we shot yesterday.  

With our amazing cast, we also have an amazing crew!  Big-shout outs to our director of photography Andres Garreton who is making this movie look SICK!!  Our sound mixer Nicolas Osorio, make-up artist extraordinaire Sierra Barton and our assistant camera Aaron Kelly!  And the BIG BOSS of them all my husband John Gross who killed it yesterday as director.  I told him after the shoot I fell in love with him even more after seeing him in action yesterday.  Seeing his dream come true along with mine makes all this hard work worth it!  Be sure to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE with has a ton of behind the scenes photos and videos!


We have 3 more days of production left starting on the 15th.  I start shooting with one of my idols Ronnie Kroell and I'm beyond excited he's involved with this project!  Wallace and Orson set the bar and I'm excited to keep it going.  The first two days back will be with scenes with Ronnie then on our last day the very talented and good friend of John and I's Sarah Elbert and Wallace Langham join us.  What an amazing experience we had yesterday and I can't wait to share this movie with everyone very soon.  My husband John will be doing a blog soon to share his experience so stay tuned for that on the site.  Thanks for your continued support means a lot xoxo



SEPTEMBER 17th, 2016



Hey guys!  This is Jason Shepard.  I'm the co-star (I PLAY PAUL WILLIAMS!), co-writer and co-producer of BOB- a short film directed by John Gross.  John is my husband and he is making his directorial debut with BOB!  I'm so excited and so proud of him!  This has been a dream project for us both for a long time now and we are so excited that we will be bringing this story to life.  We'll be using this blog to keep everyone updated on the progress of our film.  I'm happy to announce our amazing cast!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CAST.

The CAST and CREW pages will be updated through the filming and post- production process.  In the meantime, check out the confirmed CREW BY CLICKING HERE

We are shooting the movie in our real-life apartment, so I'm currently busy packing everything up.  The story is about a young gay couple moving in, so it's been kind of crazy packing everything up like we are actually moving.  We are going to do an apartment renovation once we are finished shooting, so we are kind of getting 2 for 1 by making this movie and giving the apartment an update after.

John and I have always been believers in the paranormal.  Both of of us have had experiences and we've always wanted to do a film about it.  BOB is inspired by a real-life ghost that is rumored to live in a neighboring apartment in our building.  Funnily enough, we have had paranormal experiences in our apartment.


One day, we were going over the script for BOB in the living room and the overhead light flickered multiple times.  The bulb wasn't going out, so it was very random.  I remembered saying, "It's BOB giving us the thumbs up to make this!"  Although we've only heard little bits of who the "real" BOB is from neighbors who used to live in our building, we wanted to create an original character for our film.  With that said, I think we came up with something good and I can't wait for everybody to see it!

Well, back to packing.  What a pleasure and blessing it is to be making this movie and I can't wait to share the journey with everybody on the website!  Thanks so much for your support and interest in BOB, more details to come.... :) xoxo